Student Research Placements

Image ©️ Emma Heron The Council of Deans has released a report affirming the value of research placements for students. As a research nurse, this is something that doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen first hand the value of working directly with students who are on a placement with the clinical research team -… Continue reading Student Research Placements


First Impressions of Hayden J in the Court of Protection

Yesterday, I observed a Court of Protection hearing (virtually). Read about my experience here as I guest blog on the Open Justice Court of Protection Project

Promoting Open Justice in the Court of Protection

Emma Heron andOlwen Cockell, 21st May 2021

Editorial Introduction (Celia Kitzinger)

Two relative novices to the Court of Protection had their first experience of a hearing before Mr Justice Hayden on 20thMay 2021.They record their impressions here.

I also observed this hearing (COP 1275114):a s.21A challenge on behalf of a man in his 40s with “learning disability at the most severe end of the spectrum“, autism, and epilepsy.

It was an unusual case for a Tier 3 judge but had apparently been transferred by District Judge Eldergill because P’s mother was also his Deputy and, at some point, was refusing to accept that his placement met the best interests requirement for a Standard Authorisation.This meant that the authorisation conflicted with other existing authority for P, meaning that the ‘no refusals’ requirement was not met.This raised the question of what happens when you get a refusal…

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What are the possibilities of nursing and social media moving forward? My May 2021 We Nurses Blogpost. Social media simply didn't exist when I started my nursing journey. The internet was just starting to properly take off. I still remember my GCSE computer studies teacher taking us into the special room where the computer of the future was kept. It had this thing called "Electronic mail" and "windows". We were all… Continue reading What are the possibilities of nursing and social media moving forward? My May 2021 We Nurses Blogpost.