Capturing the transformation.

In case you hadn't noticed (!) we are in the middle of major change.  A metamorphosis of the "normal".  What even was normal?  Can anyone actually remember? So much has happened and so much has changed it is so hard to re-imaging life before COVID-19 came our way.  My twitter feed even from a month… Continue reading Capturing the transformation.


The Beetroot and the Planner

Today I planted beetroot.  I've been germinating seeds for a couple of weeks - peas, beans, even pumpkin (yes, a little early but I couldn't resist!) and it's one of may favourite times in the home-growing calender to see those little peeks of green followed by shoots that before you know it have outgrown the… Continue reading The Beetroot and the Planner

The Pandemic and the Code

Rightly, the world is talking about COVID-19, the Coronavirus, now categorised as a pandemic. It would be strange if we were not. Social media is a catalyst for spreading information.  This can be very useful for governments wishing to get the right information out there - we have already heard about how googling "coronavirus" will… Continue reading The Pandemic and the Code