The Beetroot and the Planner

close up environment flora ground
Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto on

Today I planted beetroot.  I’ve been germinating seeds for a couple of weeks – peas, beans, even pumpkin (yes, a little early but I couldn’t resist!) and it’s one of may favourite times in the home-growing calender to see those little peeks of green followed by shoots that before you know it have outgrown the pots.  New homes are found, and more seeds are planted.  But today I planted beetroot seeds. Funky little things those beetroot seeds.  They look quirky and like they will grow into something really delicious.  But… I hate beetroot.  Really cannot stand the stuff.  If I put even a bit in my mouth it almost involuntarily rejects it.  But today I planted it anyway.

Planning is a weird thing at the moment.  Who knows how grateful I might be in… <checks packet> 3 month’s time to my present self for planting beetroot.  Maybe my tastes will have changed by then.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently it’s that things that are inconceivable one day can become reality the next. We need to plan, yet we live day by day.  Things we plan for now may end up being completely irrelevant.  Then again, if we didn’t plant seeds now (literal and metaphorical) we may well miss out on important things in the months ahead;  so what should we prioritise and what is important to focus our limited time and energy on?

Things that normally I think can wait, I have to re-frame with a COVID-19 lens… maybe I’d better pop out and pick up that prescription, post that letter, buy that loaf of bread (if I can find any) after all any one of us might start getting symptoms at any time and then the 2 weeks of isolation will start and I’ll kick myself for not making the most of that opportunity.

And the practical – day to day planning for a family that is suddenly all much more physically together… where each has different interests and pulls.  I look with indecision at the planner templates offered up on facebook, trying to figure out which would suit us best as a family.  Should I print it out and put it on the wall?   How big should it be?  Is it too ambitious to try and include one of those ones with chores on it?!

As I take clean clothes out of the washing machine I wonder if I pack my children’s uniform away now, and those pretty gingham summer dresses that aren’t likely to be worn now this year at least.  How are we going to ensure we do the essentials whilst still trying to nurture our kids and keep them safe emotionally as well as physically.

Lots to mull over the next few days as life takes another dramatic shift.  It’s not going to be easy But there are opportunities in these changes and I just hope my eyes can focus for enough time on them to make the most of them when they come.  And in the meantime I’ll keep you updated on those beetroot seeds…!



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