How will I shape the year of the nurse?

My #NurseBloggers2020 contribution for January

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New year, new _______ <insert ambition here>

I’ve been watching tentatively from afar at this year’s #SoMe new year/decade trends.  Should I post a picture of myself from the start of the last decade and another one now?  Should I make a bold New Year’s resolution and share it to (maybe) make it more likely I will stick to it?  I’ve nearly written a few tweets that didn’t get further than the draft pile.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I don’t really want to trawl back through pictures from a decade ago and I don’t really want to make an analysis of the year.  What has been has been.  The fantastic, the good and the more challenging.

I start this decade not as a fired-up super-passionate agent for change, but as one who has moved to a place of more quiet reflection and acceptance of things gone by, things that are present and a quiet hopefulness for things to come.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older.  I’ve never been a cynic though and I’m not about to start being one now.  The hope is real.

So, how am I going to shape the Year of the Nurse?  Well, I’m going to listen.  But being passive doesn’t really sound like it’s going to shape much.  Well no, it probably won’t!   However one thing I’ve found whilst using #SoMe is how easy it is to respond.  To come in with an opinion. To point out where things are not right.  I’ve got no problem with this in general and there’s a time and place to do all of these but for me, I want to do less of it.  I want to grasp what is really going on, to absorb, to gain insight.  I guess for me that might mean a few more better considered blog posts and less fired out tweets.  Who knows!

But for me, this is what feels right.  This is what feels good.  And maybe by spending more time listening and in waiting to respond, my contribution will be that little bit better for all of us.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pawb

Happy New Year to you all




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