The Haiku Episode #YearOfTheNurseAndMidwife #HaikuChallenge #64MillionArtists

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I’ll let these speak for themselves – thank you to all that have got involved there have been some amazing responses to the challenge I set (was it just 2 days ago?!).  If you click on the twitter handle under each haiku, you will be taken to the original haiku in case you want to “like” the original post or comment.  If I’ve missed you please tag me in your original post and I’ll add you.

“Nursing is skilled work, / not just a clinical waste. / Invest in nurses!”


“A science and art,
Nursing continues to grow,
Empowering all.”


“Nurses do so much,
From the impossible to a simple touch,
They do more than anything I can say,
They are the super hero’s of today”


“Nurse with head and heart
our patients have many needs
not too posh to wash”


“Safe staffing is
nowhere, nurses time to
stand up for care”


“Sun goes up and down / Nurses nursing never stops / All the world around”


“Nursing is the means to tell someone that there is strength in caring.”


“Gathered round the bed,
the family. Bad news waits
in the nurse’s mouth.”


“She now sits and waits,
Remembering all the love,
Now silence is peace”


“Nursing to me is
Providing compassionate and evidence based care
A voice and advocate for those vulnerable”


“Nursing to me is
Giving people time
And listening to their voice is a privilege”


“Nursing to me is
The privilege of people
And all that they are”


“Learning every day
Where Nurses inspire nurses
Love being a nurse ”


“Help me! I can not….
Encapsulate research nurse
In few syllables. ”


“Wherever you nurse
Leading is within your gift
Take your place today”


“Central to Nursing
Is compassionate caring
and kindness to all”


“Feelings waste words’
One professional voice: Nurse
‘Distill into action…..”


“A nurse will be there,
At the best and worst of times,
From cradle to grave”


“Research is progress
Research for everyone’s future
Research nurses are vital.”


“Be a nurse …… it’s fab
Being a nurse is fabulous
Be that best nurse now.”


“Nursing Children Rocks
Growing futures matters most
in homes, schools, hospitals”


“So many choices
But research is best by miles
In my nurse career”


“Nurturing the next
Generation of nurses
Is important too!”


“To Nurse our patients
We must care for our planet
Our home is NEWSing”


“As nurses we impact people in ways they will remember for a lifetime. When people look to nurses they aren’t always at their best, in fact we see people at their worst during the most intimate, challenging & frightening moments in life”




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