#IND2019 – Things my mother (and father!) taught me.

My March contribution for YearOfTheNurseAndMidwife #NursingBloggers Who Inspires You?

Receiving Consent

The year 1999 or was it 2000? London. Princess Anne standing at the top of one of those big old staircases in an ancient building.  International Council of Nurses.  Still got the cute little London Bus pin badge somewhere… Albert Hall.

In the words of Max Boyce “…I was there”.  Surrounded by nursing greats but today I’ve been mulling over those that have had a much more personal affect on my career and helped shape me as a nurse.  So on International Nurses Day this year  – 19 years after I graduated, 26 years after I first started working in a Welsh nursing home overlooking Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower peninsula where I grew up – I thought I’d share a little about the 2 people that have had by far the strongest influence on me as a nurse – my parents!

The picture on here isn’t me.  Although many…

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