Reflective Journal for those receiving consent

So, guys I did a thing.

I present to you… the “Reflective Journal for those Receiving Consent”!

It is an A5 doodled journal (very colourful although I’ll produce a plain text version for those who really don’t like the idea of something a bit more “busy!”!) and I’ve included enough space to reflect on 5 different clinical trials within the one journal. Just to be clear (as I’ve head a couple of people ask) this is a book rather than a web copy 😊

Each page is colourfully set out with reflective questions and follow themes such as “Screening” and “Assessing Capacity”. I hope you will find it a useful tool to reflect on your practice.

So, why am I posting this on here? Well, to let you know it’s out there for sure but also I’d really like to have some volunteers to review the journal particularly those who are new to receiving consent.

I have 3 copies – if you’d be interested in reviewing my journal please let me know either on here or on Twitter. I will send you your complementary copy; I just ask in return that you give me some honest feedback so that I can refine it for the next printing run.

Thank you!


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